by Groove Axiom




In the works for two years, we are proud, excited and very happy to (finally) release this DIY project. This album has taken many forms and changed over time, morphing into what it has become today; a great introduction to the RI based rock/funk/progressive band GROOVE AXIOM.

The album explores a wide variety of sounds and musical ideas blended with in the pocket, esoteric, lyrically driven grooves. Be prepared to be launched into the cosmos, all while you shake your booty. BLAZERS is a journey, a discovery, a place, a thing, a time. Come take the ride with Groove Axiom.


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released 17 September 2014

Recorded in the Basement by: Groove Axiom
Mixed by: B. Wise
Mastered by: LowB.Com



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Groove Axiom Rhode Island

Thoughtful tunes that you can jiggle ya booty to.

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Track Name: Underwater/Interstellar
You know she's just like the water
the sun makes her soul shine
you know she's Neptune's daughter
a traveler of time and space
with oceans for eyes so blue
and hips that crash like waves
I wanna dive into her it's true
she really makes my ship sway

Call me your captain, and I'll take you there
Cause it's an underwater, interstellar affair

I said call me your captain
the son of the Moon
I'm howling like a wolf darling
can you hear me croon?
Trying to spread love, love, love
you got to have power
shout and put your hands above
cause we're just dancing in the sunshine showers

Let's be jellyfish, and we can drift there
cause it's an underwater interstellar affair

She told me stories about Jupiter
I watched her eye's turn red like mars
I watched her body grow out from the stars
she has me mesmerized, by her galaxy
Track Name: Cool Jimmy
Jimmy's so cool, Jimmy's so fly
Jimmy made himself known everytime that he walked by

high-riding, slip-sliding, you looking for a thrill
you know Jimmy's got you

cause Jimmy's so smooth, he's got the groove
if you ain't on your feet, he's gonna make you move

Well you say you don't move, Jimmy's got you
there's some seats in the back, but you better move in your seat

And sip on something yeah, the party's bumpin
this is just how Jimmy likes to get down

The coolest motherfucker around, he knows all the coolest cats in town, you know Jimmy, he knows the score

Cause Jimmy's so cool, yea Jimmy's so fly
you know Jimmy likes to get high, high, high.
Track Name: BLAZERS
I want palm trees, and golden sunshine
and I want money

Yeah I want fantasies, neon signs and high rise balconies
the finest ladies

In turquoise water, filet-mignon and hors-d'oeurve
champagne waiting to order

but it's so topical, living in the tropical
I'm accustomed to this world

And it's getting cold again, the leaves are falling off the trees
everything is changing

Looking for a new life, this ones for the BLAZERS
I want light shows with lazers
Looking for a new life....
Track Name: The Place I was
Why can't I get back to the place I was before?

You gotta move, momma shake that ass
you only get one shot at this, you gotta make it last.
Gotta make it fun, make it in the groove
keep your heart beating on, keep it strong.
You only get one chance, one day it's all gone
might as well do what you like, and keep keeping on.
Cause when the lights go out, the stars keep shining on
and time moves on, no it won't stop for you.
So just relax, kick back no there's nothing you can do
when you try to prove your worth you're always less in someones eye's.
But not in yours, and not in mine
if you view the world with love, you can open many doors.
Easy to criticize, have you tried anything other than the easy way out?
Let the love inside.
It's key to your survival, it's been here on your arrival
when did time and all the love begin.
Break down your walls, know there's a Universe full
of science fiction stuff, you're not the only one here
Live as one, you're not the only one here
Live as one, you're not the only one here.

Look at me now, I'm right back where I started.
Track Name: Dancing with the Devil
Angry so I sing about love, don't believe in the lord above
don't believe in no hell down low, even though I'm dancing with the devil.
Forbid love to turn to hate, jealousy the lover's snake
when you just wanna prove yourself right, find the cold Beretta on her thigh.

She's got her bags packed, and her ticket ready
been shot a couple times already, but her pistol hands steady
cold Beretta on her thigh, she'll put a bullet between your eyes.
I emerge on the otherside, the lovers bridge, didn't make it out alive.
Track Name: Astral Projections
I just wanna leave my body
but I don't wanna lose my soul
I just wanna leave my body
but I don't wanna lose control

crystal blue, and astral nights
we drink champagne brut, to get it right
cerulean blues, can you feel this groove?
project me out to universes new

Cuz I just wanna leave my body
but I don't wanna lose my soul
yeah I just wanna leave my body
but I don't wanna turn into a ghost

I try to maintain, And when the sun seems plain
you got to view it a new way
let it touch your skin, good vitamins
and good vibrations, enjoy it cuz before long

We're gon' have to leave our bodies
but I don't wanna lose our souls
I don't wanna leave my body
I just wanna lose control

I try, try, try to break free
it's good and healthy
I try, try, try to break free
I can see the path ahead of me
I try, try, try to break free
If you can get there can you help me?
I try, try, try to break free
I'll see the world if the world will see me....